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Hello all,

I am planning to patch a brand new install of Trainz 12 up to service pack 1, and I have a couple of questions regarding downloading the patch(es). The new installation is build #47452, so I'm assuming I'll need to apply the 47452-48249 patch first, then 48249-49942, then finally 49922-57720, unless there is a more direct way of doing it that I'm missing? I do not want to apply any hotfixes past SP1.

I am running a custom Windows 7 machine with very robust security. I have Kaspersky Internet Security, which utilizes its own firewall and constantly monitors all computer activity, including screening downloads. It has a tendency to "rate" software based on how secure it thinks it is, and whether it will grant it full privileges. It has conflicted with software before, and definitely seems a little overly-aggressive when dealing with some legitimate downloads. I will definitely disable it while downloading.

I also have a full (paid) version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, which does not seem to be nearly as aggressive. It monitors activity as well, though I have never had an issue with it conflicting with anything. In addition, I have Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit, which protects browsers and their components from exploit attacks. I'm not too entirely sure what all that entails and whether it has any effect on downloads.

I know this is a lot of security software, and granted I'm overly concerned about system security, but after some bad experiences beyond my control in the past, and after dropping a grand and a half on my new system, I made sure I had very good protection.

As I said above, I will definitely disable Kaspersky, but I'm wondering if I should do the same for the anti-malware and anti-exploit. I've never had issues with them in the past, but if there's any chance of them messing with the patches, given SP1 in particular is so large, I don't want to chance it. I am also a little concerned about leaving my computer connected to the 'net for several hours to download with absolutely no active security software to guard against nasties.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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In 9.99 cases out of 10, viruses don't just happen to come along and infect computers - yes, there are malicious bots out there scanning hundreds of IP's per second looking at open ports to exploit and unpatched software etc and if they find one, dump in a payload, however the chances of this happening are very very slim (unless you don't bother keeping your computer up-to-date via Microsoft Update and making sure you have the latest version of applications installed such as Java, Flash etc.). The vast majority of viruses enter a computer through user interaction, ie: comes in via email attachment, the user opens the email and boom, its in (of course if you have decent antivirus software, it gets picked up and deleted or quarantined before you can open it), or another example is a user going onto a website where the website uses Java, ActiveX or similar and a malicious script is attached to the add-on, which then can open a port and let in a payload.
If you have concerns about being on the net without active AV software running, make sure your computer has all its security patches and other updates installed to help lessen any chance of any bots finding an open port, unpatched software or similar, don't open your email programme and don't browse the net while you have it turned off.

Personally, if it was me, I would try downloading it first without disabling anything and only if it caused a problem would I turn everything off and have another go. Saying that, I know others don't have the time or bandwidth available to do it twice and if that's the case, I would probably stop your Malwares anti-malware and anti-exploit if they are running in the background also during this time so you have the best possible chance of it downloading safely the first time.

Good luck