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:confused: hi does anyone no how to make a station passenger active ive just downloaded some stations with passengers but when the train comes in they dont move onto the train like stations already on the route can anyone help ide be greatfull philip
Some more info needed to answer your question.

1. Are the stations that you have downloaded and inserted into your layout passenger active - I know you said they have passengers but what is their active setting? - most (all) passenger active stations are usually set to supply an initial number of passengers and then so many per hour - but it is always worthwhile checking the settings.

2. Is your passenger rolling stock also passenger active - from your description I get the impression that this may be the case but it is again worthwhile checking.

3. (and this is possibly the cause of your problem) when you issue a "Drive To" command do you follow it immediately with a "Load" or "Unload" (with passengers it does not make any difference) command? Insert both into the trains order list at the same time - do not wait until the "Drive To" has been executed before inserting the "Load/Unload".

Peter Ware
The coaches have to be passenger active. If it's your own layout look at Andi06 invisible stations and put scenery platforms etc underneath.

KUID: 86627:1845 should work fine and will allow you to check if that's the problem.

Cheerio John