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OK I did get paint shed with my copy. But it seems to ask for traincars and locos with no meaning to someone who has hardly ever ridden(is that the right word?) on a train except when I was very young. Most of the terms are in oneear and out the other to me. Don't be crude. I'm sure there is a lot more of me's than you's.I do appreciate the help.Ask me anything on model aircraft and I'll snap back an answer in seconds. But trainz mmmmm Not so hot. Not even warm BAZ66
Perhaps pick a car, any car/wagon, slap some paint and letering on it and see what happens. If you don't like it, don't save it.
FYI, don't pick the bay window caboose in TRS2006 paint shed. It is broke.
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I just painted up 4 bay window caboose in paint shed. They seem to uncouple & follow well. What should I be looking for that is broken?

Do you have TRS2006? I have been told and it is my The "template" is not compatable with TRS2006, I have also tried painting one in TRS2004 wich worked fine in TRS2004 but I could not use it in TRS2006. :'(
Imteresting. I trust you have SP1.
Did you have to do anything special to make them work?
CMP reports thr template is bad.
Perhaps I should try to find and download one from the DLS.

I use TRS2600 SP1. Use Dual booting into Win XP. Running nvidias 8800 GTX. 2Gig+ Memory. I just loaded Paintshed and brought up baywindow caboose, painted it an ugly red, saved it, run it around my yard a little bit. No problem.
I am a newbie so I don't have a lot of info to share or input to the problem.