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Hello community,

I've created a fictional railroad company (Abbey Terminal Railroad Co., ATRX), and am now stuck on paint scheme designing. The railroad currently owns one moderately weathered, patched ex. BN GP38-2. They're looking to buy a few more of these Geeps. All they need is a good paint scheme!

I'm requesting the community's assistance in finding my railroad a paint scheme! Think of it as a competition; whoever's paint scheme I choose to use, will get "Spirit of *username/actual name here*" on the cab or long hood as a symbol of thanks. I'm hoping at least someone will give me an idea.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
(And if you could put your suggested scheme onto a GP38-2 drawing from Trainiax too, that'd be even better!)

Zac, First, a terminal railroad company would not have reporting marks of "ATRX", as three and four letter marks ending in X are assigned to private car owners, not railroads. In 2005 (the latest for which I have a complete list), ATR and ATRX were already assigned, but there was no railroad with an AT or ATRR reporting marks registered.

Next, I don't know how big, or how prosperous you envision your fictional company to be, but many railroads of this type do not bother with a formal paint scheme of their own, using instead the patched paint scheme of the seller (or lessor) of the equipment.

Next, in order for me to offer a suggestion as to paint scheme or herald, I'd need to know a bit more about the Abbey Terminal. Where is it located, and what purpose does it serve. Why the name--is it in a town or county called Abbey, or is there some other reason?

Some questions to consider,

RR specific
What Era & Region is your railroad? (more specifically the 'usa')
How big is the railroad? do they have just a few locos, or a few dozen?
What is the primary product hauled by the railroad?
Is it going to be a cobbled-together railroad (second hand equipment & such) or would they be buying new things?
Does the railroad already have a logo? If not what RR logos do you like?

What sort of imagery do you have in mind? Trees? Fields? Stars? etc
What colours do you have in mind?
Do you have any examples of already made paint schemes you like? (ie like the BNSF paint scheme, or the Utah Belt scheme)

(Graphic Designer by trade)

Woe is me for not doing my research and giving more information. I'll settle with ATRR as the reporting mark, I had my suspicions about the 'X' on the end anyway.
Currently, the ATRR owns a single ex. BN, ex. BNSF GP38-2 (which will now have to be re-patched with the proper reporting mark), but the company is dabbling in buying up to three more of these Geeps. I like toying with the idea of having both patched and painted equipment.

Abbey Terminal serves the industries in and around Abbey Township, RI. in the present era. Sometimes making local runs to the neighboring towns.
Said industries (or commodities) include the following:
- Grain
- Corn, Vegetable, etc, Oil
- Lumber Products
- Flammable Liquids

Abbey Twp. is a small town with most of the industries being located outside of town, with the exception of the lumber distributor located right beside the train yard.
A size in square km or mi, I don't have quite yet. Now I'm not sure what the main industries are in RI., but mine sound rather Canadian.

As to designs I already like, I've always liked the old, two-tone green paint scheme used by the British Columbia Railway. Not necessarily with those colors, but the design of it. And to a logo, just something simple, like a circle with maybe something to show the commodities hauled with the railroad name around the outside (if that makes any sense). This is all the info I can come up with this early in the morning, but let me know if you need more!
I took a simple old Housatonic RR former Conrail GP9 and turned that into my South Bristol Industrial. This is the first version of the graphics I used. The second version with a much bigger logo was destroyed during a hard disk crash. The font is Tiffany Bold and the larger logo version was definitely better than this one.

My suggestion is to look at fonts and look at logos then come up with a combination that works for you. I happen to be lucky and have worked in printing and typesetting industry for some time so I have access to the tools needed to design stuff, besides my bro helps. :)

What might be useful for you is to post some screenshots of your current paint scheme and logo, and what you have intended.



Thanks for the suggestion! And the current paint scheme is simply a patched up ex. BN paint, so nothing too spectacular. You'll see it soon enough.


Wow, that looks really good! Would you be able to send me the logo and stripe as a .PNG? I feel bad getting people to do work for me, so I'll fiddle around with fonts and colors once I get those files (if possible), while keeping your original design.

PerRock is currently the one who has captured my attention, anyone else want to give it a go?
Just to give you some Ideas I made my own railroad it's been around for years go ahead and use this as a blueprint.

GP GX-1 650 Turbine loco

RS5-2 Road Swicher

The SD85E-2

DPR Class 1 Loco
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