Design the next Amtrak Paint Scheme!


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No prize for this one (or at least none yet). But; here goes!

Design the next paint scheme for Amtrak. Be as specific as possible, include Engine designs & Car designs. No restrictions for content (you can use European stuff if you want), colors, etc. However you cannot change the Amtrak Logo. The "Three Sheets" logo must appear Blue when on a light background or White when on a dark background; I will also permit it being in Red; provided it works with the scheme. You are designing the next regular Amtrak Phase, not any of the Corridor phases (Cascades, AmCal, etc).

To Enter: Simply design & render some Amtrak equipment in your new proposed paint scheme. Simply post some screenshots from Trainz in the Competition Thread in the Poll Section of Amtrak Trainz Group or by clicking here:

No offense intended, but I'm thinking of the "Three Sheets" logo centered over a toilet bowl, with cascades of hundred dollar bills riding them into the bowl!
Thank you, but I don't want to insult Peter in that way. Just mentioning the idea is bad enough.
I hate government subsidized industry. It's bad enough that the Postal Service wants taxpayer money. Amtrak should be able to pay for itself, and make a profit, otherwise it should sink like any other business.
The US Postal Service gets no money from taxes it all comes from stamps.

Yes. Now. But they are lobbying for a bailout from congress. If you read my post above, you'll see that I said "they want taxpayer money", not that they receive it. I'm going to take my leave of this thread now, because I didn't intend to ruin Peter's contest.