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Can someone tell me what "Packaged" means and if the asset is "packaged" what can and can not be done with it? Thanks!
I just noticed many of the assets in the P&B are "Packaged"
See https://online.ts2009.com/mediaWiki/index.php/Understand_Content_Manager_Status_Labels for the details but packaged assets can also be on the DLS. That is a decision made by the content creator.

A packaged asset that is also on the DLS can be downloaded and installed if you don't already have it and it can be safely included in any route you upload to the DLS. The link includes a simple test for identifying whether any packaged asset you have is on the DLS.
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Ok...I guess I'm just as confused as before. Does that mean that particular asset won't load unless I buy the payware that uses it?

All it means is that it was installed via a DLC package. And if you uninstall the said DLC package it came with it will also be deleted, and need to be redownloaded via the DLS or elsewhere.
if you uninstall the said DLC package it came with it will also be deleted, and need to be redownloaded via the DLS or elsewhere.

IF the asset is available on the DLS (or elsewhere). Some "Packaged" assets are only available in the package that installed them.
Wow...I just keep thinking how simple EVERYTHING was back in '04

Yes, it sure was but then so were so many things everywhere.

While that simple flat file management worked for a small number of assets, it made content management difficult and didn't have the capability of multiaccess among other things. There are penalties for loading up files sequentially and to get around that, then Auran implemented a MySQL database in TRS2006 which allowed for quicker, by those days standards, access to the ever-growing DLS and local downloads. Thinking about it, the sequential loading of content became a longer and longer process because the whole load of content was read from one file to another until the new content was added to the cache. A big download day from the DLS meant it took longer and longer to load in the content.

The other issue was content couldn't be installed on the fly easily and cache-files had to be deleted manually if working outside the content management system. There is a rudimentary content management system in TRS2004, but it's not exactly easy to use compared to what came later.

With TRS2006, this changed and that set the groundwork for what we have today, but it took another 5-years before we finally got multi-file access and the capability to open, read, write, and access the database at the same time. The maligned TAD Daemon was the beginning of what was to come for that, and that process has been improved. This also allows for reading content out of order which allows for quicker loading of content because instead of the content being read off the disk directly, it's referenced in a database instead. This is the feature of a relational database with records are kept in multiple smaller files and tables rather than all in a single flat file.
Thanks for that John. You sure know a lot more about the "inner workings" of the software then I do, which pretty much adds up to zero. I'm old and a strong follower of the KISS theory. :)
I remember distinctly back in 06 that Auran posted some fixes for TRS06 and one of them was that "Endrails" would work as bumpers like they were supposed to and the rolling railcar would hit the bumper or endrail and would stop, but would not derail, go through the bumper, or become attached to the bumper. I don't think that works anymore.