Overgrowth issue with TPR 2019 in TRS22PE


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So I switched to TRS22PE last week and I've noticed that on my copy of Tidewater Point Rail V3 on TRS22PE. There seems to be a lot more overgrowth around the tracks in a lot of areas than I remember. I've left some screenshots for reference.


Is all this overgrowth supposed to be there or have I somehow corrupted the route? Because there wasn't nearly this much in TRS2019. I tried redownloading the route from my JR downloads, still got the same result. Tried transferring the route directly from TRS19 via CDP file. Same result. For reference, I transferred all my stuff from TRS2019 by coping the "Local" and "Original" Folders from my TRS19 build folder to my TRS22 build folder. I've heard that method isn't exactly recommended since it's said that you could experience corruption issues with stuff later down the road. I do hope that is not the case for me.
The correct way is to copy the build folder over and direct the TRS22 install path to it. You can then delete the build folder that TRS22 installed so make a note of the folder name.
The grass change is the new Turf-FX grass that wasn't available in the original T: ANE version. It looks like some of the splines were moved though in the latest version compared to the original as well.