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Unfortunately, I don't speak any other languages so tend to shy away from them.:eek: I have barely been able to speak and write this language after 59 years of trying it. :D If it weren't for Google's spell checker, I'd look like a complete idiot anyway.:(

So, I can 'read' pictures, though... Thanks.;)

Well, im not actually english speaking, but i handle it pretty well.
I often visit the Danish,dutch,german,polish, swedish and the spanish forums.
5 of these language, i can handle pretty well, the last i can only read.To hard speaking it.
If you learn the basic of each language, you can go far
You would be pretty amazed, if you started reading the treads there.
let me tell you, the germans really know a bit, of what they are doing.
As an exaple, go to screenshots in the german site, or the spanish, its truly amazing what these guys can do.

Sadly, i dont think many of the members takes their time to really explore the forum[ducks for cover]:hehe: I know i might have shot myself in the foot there.

I frequent the German forums much and I agree, they are well worth looking at if just for the screenies. But also for some of the spiffing content the members release, some of which is beyond payware quality.