orange green arrow placed beside track will not delete track


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Hi All,
Sent a new thread a while ago about this problem but have now found that after putting on car ATSF9339ANT on TR 12-61388 build, that it is not the deleting of consists but deleting of this unusual Orange/ green arrow beside the line and the line itself is the problem By using the correct name of the line still wont delete .Maybe the wagon itself is the problem .It has been deleted but maybe the image is still there somewhere.
hope somebody can help, Cheers, Robynne.
Try adding a single working car to the arrows, switch to the consist sub heading. try deleting the consist all together. Usually works for me.
Place two spline points on both sides of the arrows and delete the piece of track .
After deleting put the track together again .

You cannot remove the track in this case.
The only way that has worked for me was explained in your other thread.