Operate junctions from a distance?


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Is there a way I can operate junctions/switches/turnouts from a distance? It would help while switching cars in the yard so I don’t have to jump around with the camera so much..

Bonus question: Is there any way I can export a list of cars in a train to a .txt or .xml file?

Thanks in advance!
The J key should switch the first junction ahead of you, and CTRL-J should switch the first junction behind you. Beyond that I don't know of any way.
Setting junctions ahead of time using map mode works well if there aren't a lot of junctions close to each other. In the current Trainz versions, the map mode puts you back on the ground if you zoom in close enough to see the junctions clearly.

The other issue you may run into is if you have other AI drivers. AI drivers will take control of the junctions while you are in the middle of moving toward them, and more often than not, you'll end up on the wrong track.