Official World Record! Fantastic Classical Music Medley played by a Train


33 Year Old Railfan
Miniatur Wunderland sets a new Guinness World Record for Longest Melody Played by a Model Train. Saw this on the local NBC affiliate's 12 o'clock news yesterday. Already has over 1.1 MILLION views.

Think a working signaling system on a model railroad is impressive? Think again!

How about a fully functioning airport, with planes that actually takes off and land?

Keep an eye out for The Biggest Hunk of Junk in The Galaxy

A certain spaceship from a galaxy far, far away makes an appearance at the smallest airport on the planet.

It's a beautiful display layout, but sadly a perversion of classical music. :(

I did recognize some of the themes. 'Ode to Joy', Bizet's Carmen, Rossini's 'William Tell Overture', a concerto by Vivaldi, and many more.