Object Rotation Sensitivity


Big Damn Trainzer
'Lo all. Been a while. Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but what the hey? I'm having an annoying problem with the object rotation tool, in that it seems to be super sensitive. When I attempt to rotate an object, it spins around at an alarming rate. Now, I will admit that this is running TRS2006 under Parallels on a Mac, so I'm quite aware that this is a shot in the dark, but it's worth a shot asking if anyone has had a similar and (hopefully) fixable problem.
I've never worked 06 but in 04 if you hold the ctrl key and rotate with the mouse it slows it right down. Worth a try.


In both 06 and 04 I have noticed that if you click (and hold the button) on a point which is very close to the actual swivel point of the object it will whirl around very rapidly. When that happens, I usually try and re-grab it farther out. If it is a small object you have to zoom in very close to make sure you get as far away from the pivot point as possible. A tree, for example, will rotate best if you grab a limb farther out from the trunk than the trunk itself.