NVIDIA-Several updates ready. Should I just load newest


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As per title - I have not kept up with drivers (GTX1060). Several ready. Should I just load the latest and the functions in the older ones will be included?

Or, should I run them in chronological order?

Or, just not take any risk of disaster and forget updates. No issues with the GPU card.

Right now Latest Trainz 22 working well. Only issue I have is high temperature on the CPU I5-2500K clocked to 4.1ghz. It hits the 98C TjMax frequently. No TjMax is not clothing, but Thermal Junction Max just in case, like me for years, I wondered why a clothing outlet was in a CPU tool.
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As per title - I have not kept up with drivers (GTX1060). Several ready. Should I just load the latest and the functions in the older ones will be included?

Or, should I run them in chronological order?

Just need the latest, they are cumulative.
You need to get that thing cooled down! Are all the fans working? Plugged with dust....especially the CPU cooler? Try taking the case side panel off and even putting a little desk fan blowing into the case.

As far as the nVidia update: you should normally just pick the newest one that is for your card and install that. nVidia's website lists the 516.59 as the newest driver.
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I did the vacuuming. Fins on cooler were dusty, but no clogs. All fans running. So, I removed a side panel. The other has a fan. No trainz (normal) activity and Temperature is between 38C and 49C. I backed down on the Trainz program graphics settings and that helped some. This CPU has been in this build for years through two motherboards. I deliberately got the K-model because the literature at that time, several years ago, said it was "ruggedized".

The N3V extended rebuilds cause all 4 cores to hit 40C/98F (TJJ Limit) for long periods. Seems to support that. Hopefully I can retire it in the next few months. It is around 8 years old. Great steel case - 42 pounds alone. Will get a prebuilt with the goofy lighting . Too old to trust myself building another PC. I'll just disable the lighting. Thanks for info/tips....
I have an Ryzen 7 2700 with an nVidia RTX 2070. I can tell you that the more trains I have moving at a time, the higher my CPU usage is. This is an 8 core/16 thread CPU and I have seen total CPU usage over 70%! So, I can imagine what your 4 core is going through. I will admit that I have a 300 base layout with 31 trains operating at the same time, so I am obviously pushing it a bit. No AI, just lots of consists running about. Get a small desktop fan and have it blow into the case where the cover is removed.
I have 5 Case fans in both the PCs I use for Trainz and I use large Air Coolers on both my i7-6700K (4 cores 8 threads) / GTX 1080TI and Ryzen7 3800X (8 Cores 16 Threads) / RTX 3070TI, 2 front 1 back and 2 top and both GPUS have 3 fans. The Ryzen / 3070TI stays relatively cool under load without the need to tweak fan speeds compared to the i7 / 1080TI system, both are well below throttling temperatures and it avoids the need to remove case side and add a portable fan which I've done often with previous PCs.
I also have an ancient AMD Phenom II 1090 T 6 core / GTX970 that runs at around 90 to 100% CPU with TRS19 on low settings, it works but is obviously bottlenecking on the CPU and gets rather warm as only room for two case fans.
And a Dell Inspiron Desktop with an i5-10400 (6 cores 12 threads) / GTX1060 that bizarrely for a Dell runs TRS19 very well with no heating issues, the i5-10400 CPU I would recommend as very capable as it benchmarks around the same as my i7-6700K and runs a lot cooler on a stock cooler! Wasn't intending to use it for games just streaming however out of curiosity I had to try it!
Thanks to the suggestion to remove side panel from case I now reduced average temperature by about 4C. It is ugly but compared to a blown CPU it is pretty.
Thanks for the suggestion!

Also ,I run at 1/2 sync - 30-frames/screens per second.
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