Nvidia introduces new software for gamers using AI

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Project G-Assist takes voice or text inputs from the player, along with a snapshot of what’s in the game window. The snapshot is fed into AI vision models that provide context awareness and app-specific understanding for the Large Language Model (LLM), which is connected to a database of game knowledge such as a wiki. The output of the LLM is an insightful and personalized response—either text, or speech from the AI —based on what’s happening in-game.

NVIDIA partnered with Studio Wildcard to demo the technology with ARK: Survival Ascended. Project G-Assist can help answer questions about creatures, quests, items, lore, difficult to tackle bosses and more. And because Project G-Assist is context-aware, it personalizes its responses to the user’s play through.

Additionally, Project G-Assist can evaluate your system’s configuration and performance, and instantly tune it for an optimal experience. Apply NVIDIA app’s optimized game settings, based on extensive testing on thousands of hardware configurations; enable Performance Tuning to apply a safe GPU overclock; switch on NVIDIA Reflex to reduce system latency for more responsive gaming; plus so much more.

We envision AI assistants transforming the way we engage with our favorite games and apps. Imagine getting instant context-aware assistance with a complex creative workflow in a photo or video app. Or an AI coach analyzing your multiplayer replays, teaching you strategies to move up the ranks in competitive matches. Project G-Assist is a glimpse into that future.

Project G-Assist won’t play a game for you like we suggested in our prophetic 2017 April Fool’s video, but it can help you get more out of your favorite games, and find help for a troublesome boss. Takeout ordering, however… we could definitely add that to the roadmap.

For further details, check out our dedicated Project G-Assist article.

NVIDIA ACE Digital Humans Coming To RTX AI PCs​

NVIDIA today announced the general availability of NVIDIA ACE generative AI microservices in the cloud to accelerate the next wave of digital humans. Developers in customer service, gaming and healthcare are the first to adopt ACE technologies to simplify creating, animating and operating lifelike digital humans.

In addition, NVIDIA ACE technology is now coming to RTX AI PCs and workstations with ACE PC NIM microservices. ACE NIMs will deliver high-quality inference running locally on RTX GPUs for natural language understanding, speech, and facial animation.

At Computex, the gaming debut of NVIDIA ACE NIM on the PC will be featured in the latest Covert Protocol tech demo, developed in collaboration with Inworld AI. It now showcases NVIDIA Audio2Face and NVIDIA Riva automatic speech recognition running locally on RTX devices.

For more information, check out our ACE press release.

New RTX Game Announcements & Trailers​

NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 with Ray Reconstruction maximizes frame rates on GeForce RTX GPUs, and renders more immersive and realistic ray-traced effects and lighting in games using AI.

At Computex 2024, we’ve announced that DLSS 3.5 with Ray Reconstruction will be available in Star Wars™ Outlaws, launching August 30th.

Additionally, Marvel Rivals will launch with our AI-powered, performance boosting DLSS 3 technology, and we’ve got a new trailer showing it in action in the new, upcoming game. Check out new trailers for both games below: