NSWGR 38 class etc


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Hi all, i know it sounds trivial but does any one know where i can get australian steam locos (new south wales) other than download station.
Thank you.:confused:
I was looking for a 35,36,38,57 or 58 that is on an other site eg San juan trainz workz (it can be on the download station but just another place to download it) because for some reason i can't download of the station!
Really why can't you download them off the download station?

And no theres no sites that i know of with them.:)


is the trouble only restricted to downloading off the DLS and installing the items or can you install the items if they were sent you ?i know it may not be the right way to go but it may help if the items were sent you to install that way.


John I rather suspect a lot of people looking in at this thread will react with suspicion. The warez paranoia runs deep in this community. You might find a bit more sympathy and help if you can say a bit more about your DLS problems as well as pointing out which version of Trainz you are running.


Well last time i tried to download i had some problems and it was quite a long time ago but in due time i will re-try but to answer your question i have TRS 2006 and it was so long ago that i tried i can't rember!