Norfolk Southern locomotive- with desk-top controls???

Can anyone recommend a Norfolk Southern locomotive that has desk-top controls ?

My step grand daughter has shown interest in my Trainz game with Raildriver and her other step grand father used to be a NS engineer here in Western Pa.

I've been working on setting up a Session for her to drive and I have some kool engines with desk-top controls that work real well but I haven't been able to find NS engines that don't have the control stand type controls. I have not heard back from her other grand dad as to what model engines he drove yet and I'm starting to wonder if NS even had desk-top controls.

I have a set-up on my Trainz desk for control stand type opperation: ( Clicking on the pics in this thread enlarges them for a better view )

but I would have to figure how to duplicate that in her room if I can't find some NS engine with desk-top.

I would do payware if I have to and I don't have a clue as to how to elaise a different cab.


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Check I believe the SD80 and 90macs have desktop style control stands, as well as The JR site used to have in-cab screenshots but doesn't anymore but I am almost sure on those two models.
All Former Conrail units that turned into NS units should have the desktop controls you're looking for. These models include SD60M's, SD60I's, D8-40CW, and SD80MAC's. Any former standard cab Conrail will have the normal control stand and not the desktop controls.