Norfolk Southern 'DC to AC' Family Portrait


33 Year Old Railfan
We all know the famous 'Family Portrait' of all of Norfolk Southern' Heritage Units sitting around the turntable at the roundhouse at the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, North Carolina. Well, here's their latest 'Family Portrait', this time of the first locomotives of their 'DC to AC' rebuild program: AC44C6M #4005, rebuilt at Juniata Locomotive Shops, AC44C6F #8520, rebuilt at Roanoke Locomotive Shops in conjunction with CAF, SD70ACC #1801, rebuilt at Progress Rail/EMD at Muncie, Illinois, AC44C6M #4000, Norfolk Southern' first DC to AC rebuild, rebuilt in conjunction with GE/American Motive Power, and AC44C6M #4003, rebuilt at Roanoke Locomotive Shops. All five of which are facing away from the brand new turntable at Juniata Locomotive Shops and into the camera.
I'm just a few hours away from Spencer. I plan on going there within the next couple of weeks. Never been before. Very anxious to visit.
Nice shot, NS! I've stood at that fence in the background staring in to that area for many a long minutes. It was a little more crowded with locomotives the last time I was there. My main goal in visiting Altoona this April is to see one of these locomotives in action! :wave:

They look really, really nice almost like 3d or plastic models.

Let me know if that Victorian house on the left right next to the turntable goes up for sale. (kidding!) Who here wouldn't have loved growing up in that house!