"NO PUBLIC RESKINS" but I've seen some on The Switchback

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So, I have downloaded lots of reskins because I'm always greedy for content anywhere.

However, on a public reskin, the license here was unchanged. It says that NO public reskins are allowed, but this asset is a public reskin. (Highlighted in blue)


Here's the original asset on The Switchback:


Did whoever make this get permission or did they just outright ignore the license altogether? I have some of my own reskins based on Justin Cornell models and I can't publicly release them (yet). Wig Wag Simulations does this too, and they also get away with it.

...or I am I missing the fact that it's only if I'm using them in an illegal copy?
I think the most appropriate situation for this one is the fact that those who released the reskinned items to public already had obtained permission from NS37 (or Jointed Rail in general) for releasing them, and in general only freeware models are permitted to be reskinned and released under consent from Jointed Rail (either it could be freeware from the start, or older payware model that has been re-released as freeware). Remember that the license itself only covers basic situations, because there are some exceptions regarding how a content could be released to public or not.

Unless if the reskinner ilegally released it, we shouldn't have to worry about it.
Hi there! I am the owner of The Switchback. We always email the respective authors whoever it may be. We received ved permissions for the model in question on October 7th, 2022. I do have a screenshot if further evidence is required, but BBCode does not work with IPhone. All I will say is next time, please email us directly before posting in a public forum. We have had many instances of post like this causing misinformation and confusion about our practices at TSB. Hope this cleared things up! Mods should be able to close the thread.

Yours, SwirlyTrainz
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