No map selected problem....


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Someone may have seen this problem. I have several routes from the DLS that show up in the Surveyor list but when I select them to load I get a screen indicating no map selected. They are the correct version for my Trainz and are not missing any dependancies. Any ideas...?:confused:
Are you on Service Pack 1?

Layouts made under SP1 will have a higher build number and will give this error message if you try to run them without SP1.

I do have SP1. The error only happened on my Arlington RR Mtn. At one of my friends houses.
Edit: Proble Solved. It turns out my friend didn't download SP 1 yet.
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I'm doing SP1 now to see if this problem goes away. Is it normal for the update to take forever to do its thing, it's been running for 5hrs and 30 mins and is 86% finished, I hope this works!
5+ hours does sound like a bit much.

Note, incase you have not, that installing SP1 needs to be done in a way very different from other patchs.
Follow it's instructions exactly.
As I recall you must un-install TRS2006 first, after saving your stuff, both downloaded and created by you.
Then install TRS2006 but do NOT run the program.
Then install SP1.

This is not a full list of instructions. I mention the above to give you the general idea of it's complexity. READ the INSTRUCTIOS and FOLLOW them.
UHH WELL yea im...really smart! and i uhh.........i figd that out ! byyyy mi self........