No current interest in small US NG?


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I'm still a hardcore '04 user. I've been checking out the Tane emails and noticed there doesn't seem to be any current interest in the small "back woods" US NG'ing used in our turn of the century mining and logging industries. I have almost zero interest in modern mainline RR'ing, but it seems this in the direction Trainz has gone. As far as making my stand with '04? For me, all of the "fun" was taken out of Trainz after '04. Sure there's all kinds of detail improvements after '04, but I also feel a lot of the life was sucked out of the original concept. Maybe I'm just as a dinosaur. Discussion?
I'm still an 06 user on my good ol' Toshiba Satellite 105 laptop ... and when I get my old desktop fired up with a GT430 video card I will fire up 10 and 12, and try out T:ANE ... perhaps when I get a better PC things will be different.

I have 2 prototype 36" NG lines on my DEM, the Wopsy RR, and the Loydesville line
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I just put a series of docks with hoists on the DLS. All are 3 ft gauge and all but 3 are of wood construction.

You also might want to checkout the Whitepass & Yukon Route. It has diesels but it also has steam locos (2-6-0, 2-8-0, and 2-8-2). You don't have to use the smudge pots if you don't want to, lol.


When Trainz appeared it was marketed as a Model Railway Simulation and thus attracted many older people. It was a cheap way of model railway creation so many people swapped plaster for pixels and there was a lot of interest in narrow gauge modeling of all types. Note that I said older people, they were ones for whom backwoods railways were in their lifetime. Now we have many more young people whose only knowledge of railways comes from what they see, hence no real interest in narrow gauge. Add to this that many of the original members interested in narrow gauge modeling have left and no-one has filled the gaps.

There are various narrow gauge routes on the DLS but they are not easy to find and probably not really suited to later Trainz builds I notice you have TRS2009, there was a narrow gauge route included with it as 'built-in', which could be used as a base for expanding to suit your particular interests. Look for 'Northbay', you get logging and mining in two narrow gauges.

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Hi Rick --

" ...there doesn't seem to be any current interest in the small "back woods" US NG'ing used in our turn of the century mining and logging industries."

There is; but you will have to migrate to T:ANE if you want to use this (watch full screen and in HD) that I uploaded to the Download Station a couple of weeks back:

And see also here:

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I do agree with Ricks statement here. Things have change a lot since my 04 years, back then Narrow Gauge projects where happening everywhere over standard gauge and it was the same scenario in 06 and reached its peak years at the launch of 09 and it started its downturn by 10. But I will say between the two popular NG 2 foot and 3 Foot, 3 foot lasted longer than 2 Foot (with the exception of UK 2 Foot). 2 foot reach its peak in 06 and it started its downturn by 09. 3 foot lasted a little longer thanks to Prowler901 and many others. It's shame that NG is now not as popular as it was back then but I will say as long as what's left of the NG content we have, NG will never die.
NG is one of my favorite things to do in trainz. There isn't much recently made NG content, but the older stuff still looks pretty decent.
NG is one of my favorite things to do in trainz. There isn't much recently made NG content, but the older stuff still looks pretty decent.

My favourite NG is 3ft. Your right, apart from Ben, Togog and a couple of others, not much new NG 3ft gauge is being made. Some of the older stuff still works fine in TS2010 & TS2012 pre SP1. Haven't really tried the 3ft loco's and rolling stock in TS2012 SP1 HF4. I assume most of it would work.

Over the years I've joined up all the NG 3ft in Murchison 2 and added on about another 100 to 150 ks as well. This has helped keep my interest high in NG 3ft.

There's a lot more NG 3ft stuff out there than most people realize. I've been collecting NG 3ft loco's & rolling stock since about 2005. I've got about 85 that are working, probably 6 that are faulty and 4 with missing dependencies I just can't find.

I'm hoping the faulty one's will be repaired in the next round of repairs...

Cheers, Mac...
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In the case of my older items pretty much all you have to do is delete the category-region and category-era lines (or re-do them into the new format) and change build from 2.4 to 3.7. Some of the really old ones probably have a few textured that are mono-color (all pixels the same RGB values). Substitute one from one of my much later items should fix that.

The exceptions to this (and there are always exceptions) are traincars and splines. Both are done differently now days but its pretty much changes to the config file as opposed to changes in the mesh. Many of my older items do not have a thumbnail but any thumbnail can be substituted. After all you know what it is and what it looks like, lol.

As soon as I can decipher numberit I have about 168 NG boxcars to put on the DLS for the WP&Y project. Some flatcars to follow in a little while (waiting on info). At the moment numberit is tying my feeble brain into knots.:hehe:

Don't know if you are pro or con payware but there are a few items available that way as well. Paulz Trainz USA has a few among others.

Even though i like standard gauge i mostly perfer narrow gauge, i usually drive the K-28's and K-36's from San Juan Trainz that i upgraded to work in Trainz 12 and drive them on the Northbay County Route.