New Zealand Rail

What do you guys think it was like?
I've got a person to give very special thanks to... Midland! for teaching me about this in the first place.
Very informative. I don't think you need a video to demonstrate those 'diagrams'. Something in the screenshots forum would have sufficed.

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Good first presentation. Now you need to go get footage of the actual engines for the second version.
Soon you'l;l have a series on all the locomotives of New Zealand. I'd like to see that.:D

:cool: Claude
Yes, but I don't have a digital camera. So I take (draw) these from memory. I also have NZ rail DVD's as well. And seeing as I live about 500m (uphill) away from the train station I count myself lucky.:D And I also catch the train every day.:D (But they're DMU's ex-Perth ones purchased in 1993 for us, they're refurbished (by us)
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A good effort Paul! :)

I particularly like the flashing ditchlights! :D

You're gonna have to choose between a career in rail or in film!