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I would appreciate any help that I could get. I'm building my own route. The design of the route is a central Hub City with three different railroads. UP operates the lines running East & West, Burlington Northern operates the lines going North and South, and have a small branchline that runs up the line, makes a drop off, runs around the train, and comes back to where it started. I have most of the routes built etc but how I make the sessions? Is there like a webpage on how to make sessions? I want a pop message to come up when the session starts to inform the user of the tasks and details etc.... What do i do from there so the user has to run the train etc... And how are they able to look at their goals to see what to do etc? I guess I'm looking for a how to build a session 101 ? Any Help Please!
it should say when saving "save session" and click the red dot next to it then should turn green then click save and then if you want to come back to the session click on the route once then click on the session name which is under the the route name
i have no idea how to do pop up messages but the way commad AI is click on arrow to the side then it will show a list of things to commad to do like wait,drive to and,couple to and if you hover over one of them you will commads say stuff like this:
wait: 5 minutes,10 minutes,30 minutes,1 hour,6 hours,24 hours
drive to: station 1,station 2, goods shed 1, dock 1
couple to: consist 1, consist 2, consist 3
I understand the AI commands, but I want to make a session that requires the user to do specific tasks such as yard operations (ex: transport coal cars from siding to powerplant and unland, followed up by take grain cars across town to be filled etc... Is there a way to implement rules that the USER has to do in order to complete the session?
yes, there is a way to set up something like that by making one industry dependent on another. Take a look at the Port Ogden & Northern sessions to see what I mean. but as a simple example, you need an industry to work but it requires power, power comes from the powerstation but unfortunately they are out of coal....the coalmine can produce coal once it has some diesel to run its equipent...and so on......there is a session in the multiplayer version just like this and it does make for some good fun. You can edit the industries to have no fuel etc at the start of the session so they will depend on YOU to do all the work..... :)
I really appreciate the feedback but I don't think I'm doing a good job of stating what I'm looking for. I have several industys in my layout and I know how to deliver goods to each etc... My goal is to build a realistic layout, with several different sessions that start easy and work up to be more difficult. My brother enjoys this game so I would like him to eventually be able to play my sessions. When I play a session that is already on the game, It gives me a page at the start of the session with some background and my tasks for the session etc... How do I create that pop up message my own session? Second, can I upload this route online for others to play eventually? Third, How can a user when running my custom sessions know that they have completed the goals?
should look up in the scripting posts pretty much is asnwered theyre for what your lookin for by adding scripts etc....
One place to start is the Trainz 2006 Sessions and Rules Guide. Being written for Trainz 2006, it doesn't include the all the rules found in newer versions but it will give you the basics of making a session.
Find it here:

A great way to learn is to look at an existing session and see how the creator used rules in the session. Open a session in Surveyor and look at how the various rules are used to accomplish the sessions goals.

Try looking at my session: Run For The Money for the CSX Saginaw Route (KUID2:299076:1003:1, also get the HTML Asset: KUID2:299076:1006:1) to see how I used rules to make an opening intro page, various popups during the sessions, kept score and determined when each task was completed. The HTML Asset is where the HTML files are put, to be used by rules in the session.

Look at any of the built-in sessions in surveyor to get various ideas on how to get things done. Then look at their HTML assets to see how they are structured. You can probably clone a good buiilt-in HTML asset and with some simple modifications, reuse it for your own session.

If you want to give each car a series of destinations, you might like my CMTM System2. This makes switching sessions much easier for the user. Take a look at the user's manual here CMTMSystem2 Manual.

All the assets you need are on the DLS.

Check out my CN Holly SubDivision Pontiac Yard Ops, KUID2: 32711:100101:1 on the DLS.