New T:ANE User with a couple of questions


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Just purchased T:ANE over the weekend. I used to play TS12 a few years back. I love Multiplayer but so far I am running into a few problems. I wonder if anyone can help?

1. Each time I try to join a T:ANE multiplayer game I get a message that the game I am trying to join is in an "invalid state"

2. I am unable to download content from the DLC, I get an error that the content is invalid even though it might just be a simple tree designed for T:ANE

3. I would love to hook up with the multiplayer T:ANE community to join in that aspect of the game

Right now I am a little discouraged

Go into options and look around for a bit.
Check if you have your username and password correctly entered. Next to that, some versions have an "do not connect" or "internet" option (not sure what it is called as I am not near my game PC). I am sure you will recognize it. Switch that so that you do connect to the web.

This should solve at least some of your problems.

Also note that a fresh install most probably needs that HUGE first patch (though the size depends on if you have the disk or download version). That might also solve some problems.
Sadly the username and password are correct so that is not the issue. Purchased off Steam so not sure if that is part of the problem
The actual error is: "System is in a wrong state to join a multiplayer game"

Okay the steam version I installed over the weekend is Build 78647 but it seems there is a build 78667 on Mytrainz website. I guess I will download that and install and see if it fixes the issue? Arent there patch files for upgrades?
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Any luck? I've had a few "servers" I couldn't connect to with that message. Although I've had others join me with no hitch.
Any luck? I've had a few "servers" I couldn't connect to with that message. Although I've had others join me with no hitch.

This is a common message in TANE. As others have said, you might not be on the same build. And even then, there is no way to know if the person hosting is on the same build. Its likely they have build B, while you are on Build A, and Build C is the newest.
Just wanted to update my experience so far after a month and to ask for help.

1. I am on build 78667
2. So the same multiplayer sessions with the same error remain. Using the C&O Hinton Division as an example we continue to have Elmer1's game and MidwestRailfan's game showing under the Multiplayer Drive Session. If you try to join you still (after a month) get the error "System is in a wrong state to join a multiplayer game."
3. On another note the Steam version of TANE and Non Steam Version of TANE are not the same build, nor do they look the same when you go to the Kickstarter County Join Session List. (The non steam version shows Payware items in Green

I would love recommendations on a popular Multiplayer Session (Payware or Free) I should get from the DLC to try and find others for multiplayer.
I built a little session in TANE using CMTMS3 and a Trainz Version of my model railroad. I have no clue how popular it is, but I'd be wiling to play with you and any one else sometime.