New installation using SSD.


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Hi all,

I have installed TS12 to a new PC. Just a couple of questions. It has an SSD and HD, I want the exe etc., on the SSD, can anyone tell me a way to put the data onto the HDD so that I do not use space on the SSD? If I import my UserData folder from my old PCdo I have to do an EDR?


Dave :eek:
I would put everything on the SSD (and I did). The game itself is tiny compared to the (eventual) size of the asset database. The most speed gain you get by speeding up the asset database, so it is a waste of installing the game on the SSD and moving the database to a regular database. So either install the complete game and database on the SSD or completely on a regular HD.
Best way as I have done is put in a dedicated games SSD, mind you I only run TS12 and T_ane. I also keep all associated systems on this drive like TranzDem, SCS2013 etc. Easier to maintain.
Thanks to you both, what about the UserData folder, did you have any problem importing that and did you have to do an EDR?


As far as I am aware it all goes in the TS12 directory, however I loaded all the program onto the SSD did not transfer from the C: drive.