New DLS GUI request


As an eye glasses user I would kindly ask the person on duty to bring back the black background (or rather dark one) in the new DLS. It is extremely eye tireing for me to browse through the content when the background is so bright.

Thank you in advance!
Firefox has some apps: "Color that Site", and "No Squint", they may be able to work on the White Pages ... IDK

I have the Forum a medium gray background, and can turn the CM a gray also, using custom colors in MS Windows Personalization "Color and Appearance"
The old black pages DLS is still working and showing new content daily. I plan to keep using the old website so long as it works, or until N3V improves the visuals on the new one.
Unless something has occured that I haven't heard about, the Black DLS is still the preffered one? Last I knew the Black Pages (As they're called) tend to have a more full and complete library compared to the White Pages, and this should be the case right up until N3V actually institutes its discontinuation of pre 3.5 Build Service? Tack onto that that CM Build 3.7 seems to be pretty good at dredging up Assets, and I think I visit the white pages once every 6 months or so and usually just to check something?