Need help translating Commodity Picker error message

I'm running Trainz22. I just ran Commodity Picker for the first time. The process never completed, so following guidelines in an earlier post, I turned on the log to track down the problem. It displayed the following:

File, Line 966 ER Timeout <kuid 69871:10001:3> 08:33:14
Script class: Basic2 <kuid 69871:10001:3> 08:33:14
MeshObject: <kuid 69871:10001:3> "LARS IndustRail" <kuid 69871:10001:3> 08:33:14
Script callstack <kuid 69871:10001:3> 08:33:14
function $void@Generic Industry::AppendProductList(Asset[]), line 956 <kuid 69871:10001:3> 08:33:14
function $void@Commodity Picker::OnAsyncSearchResult(Message), line 118 <kuid 69871:10001:3> 08:33:14

The little red error notification came on immediately upon starting Commodity Picker, and this was the only error listed. I understand that it is finding a problem with "LARS IndustRail," but I'm not able to decipher what the exact problem is, or what to do to fix it.

Can someone translate this for me so I can attempt to fix the problem? Thanks in advance!
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Here's the answer right here:

File, Line 966 ER Timeout <kuid 69871:10001:3> 08:33:14

The language is "Programmer" and is a highlevel language that most people including tech support people can barely understand clearly.

The issue is the code at Line 966 took too long to do what it is supposed to do, and the program forced the LARS IndustRail asset, with KUID <kuid:69871:10001:3> stopped the script from working.

The timeout is something that has been put in place for scripted assets since TANE. The reason is many scripts written for older assets such as this will run away with a loop and a table which will hog the resources that can be better served to other parts of the program. A hogging script will cause really poor performance including long pauses and the program to actually crash.

Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do to repair the asset other than replace the LARS IndustRail asset with something else.