NEC missing deps.

I have missing dependencies for the route Northeast Corridor (Part 1: D.C.-BAL) from the DLS.

missing kuids:

I know that the 33404 assets come from Trainz Pro routes, but since the sites down, I don't know where to get them now.
I am lost on the other 3. Please help me get them.
I think the Trainz Pro Routes ones are building splines, like Baltimore. This is the problem that happens when a big site goes belly up. Missing assets in routes that cannot be obtained unless someone has them and privately sends them to you. And missing assets aren't easily replaceable because you can't use bulk asset replace in surveyor and you can't just replace kuids in the kuid table in the config because the missing assets will come back. I might have those building assets though because I have that NEC route and his other one and I have copies where I tried merging them together. I wanted to create an Amtrak route from Philly to DC and even beyond.