My tutorial website - important information regarding error 522 issues


Tutorial Creator
Hi Trainzers,

I am aware that some users recently have been getting error 522 issues when trying to access my tutorial site. After communicating with both my hosting provider and the CDN (content delivery network) provider I use, the reason for this issue (timeouts) has been identified and is related to specific IP addresses spamming the servers and subsequently being blocked by my hosting provider.

If you get a 522 error, I will need to know the following information in order to be able to help sort it:

  • Your IP address at the time of the problem ( can help with this)
  • Date/Time of problem
  • Exact error code given
  • Exact address of the page you were trying to access

I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but it will help me identify where the problem source is. Please be aware that I'm not online 24/7, so please bear with me. Unfortunately, as the problem is random or only affecting certain users, it will be more difficult to sort out.


P.S. Moderators - if this is in the wrong place, please put it in the right place.

EDIT: The problem has been temporarily resolved, but the system responsible is automated so it's not something I have any control over.
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