My new trainz website

Hello All,

I just wanted to invite everyone to visit my new website where all of my creations both released and unreleased will be available to all. It's still under construction and I will be adding my existing content daily. There will eventually be updates to my locos and new additions to them as well that I never got around to finishing. My first new content are some animated freight trucks I started over a year ago but they are now ready to go. They are setup to replace my existing rolling stock and many others as well who use the standard bogey points. So stop on by and grab ya a set. :)

I've been away for far too long and I'm trying to get caught up on things so bare with me.
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Welcome Back Joe! Best of luck with the site and its looking good so far!

Nice trucks on there too. Can never have enough nice looking trucks.:cool: :D :cool:
Welcome back Joe!

I have already tried out your trucks and they fit right in under some of my skins.

I have done around 30 skins on your 50' boxcar mesh and I have released about 6 of them. I hope that this isn't a problem for you.

lookin forward to some SP!

From here on all my stuff WILL ONLY be hosted on Within the next couple of weeks Joe and I will be working on getting everything on the site so keep checking in.

I just wanted to thank those who have visited my site and expressed their interest in my projects.

I have added tons of new and updated content recently so come on by and check it out. Thanks
Welcome and I did visit on your website really many time like more than time. Plus I really like your ASTF Trucks Freight so those really very cool and very shape, bearing, circe, brown colour and steel very wonderful! :):p