My missing KUIDS Thread (rather than clogging up the forum)

I do own it and it's installed in TS12 and TSMac2. However, I'm not sure it's installed in T:ANE... do I need to purchase it separately for T:ANE?
There is a separate T:ANE version,yes. Check your emails though to see if you've got a discount code to be able to get it cheaper as you already have the earlier version.

Hi all,

Having installed the T:ANE S&C Pack I still have the following missing:
<kuid2:71662:52106:2>CamScott A4s
<kuid:311512:6002>CamScott A4s
<kuid2:44090:55106:40>CamScott A4s
CamScott A4s

<kuid:481183:1252>LNER B12 Tender CS
<kuid:481183:1253>LNER B12 Camscott
<kuid:481183:1254>LNER B12 Camscott
<kuid2:84609:50186:1> Lowmac from Lielestosbrat's steam era consists

There are others but they're less important for now! Thanks in advance for any help.
<kuid:311512:6002> is Steam3 by Auran (built-in)
<kuid2:44090:55106:40> is Gresley A1/A3/A4 cab BR green by paulhobbs (payware)
<kuid2:44090:55105:40> is Gresley A1/A3/A4 cab LNER green (payware)
Thanks so much HPL.

I am now missing kuid:268447:1134, it's from a Sodor LBSCR Billinton E2.Does anyone know what it is?

The driver (as in person, rather than wheels) asset is also faulty with texture.txt files missing; can I just delete the driver if I'm not bothered?
I am missing a single KUID that appears as a dependency in 23 Japanese railcars. I don't know what it is, but it renders them unusable in-game.

KUID 708176:10020542

Any idea where it can be found? Google doesn't help.