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MY FIRST VIDEO :) ( or post your own train video

Just like to show the first attempt of taking a train video(real) and would just like to show other people.
Please comment on it and don't hold back on bad ones.
Also there seems to b no real train vid tread so ill start it :)
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You'd get more response if you post this message in the TRainzVideo thread of the Screeenshots Forum.

Its pertaining to real trains. So its fine here. The screenshot forum is for screenshots of Trainz. Not videos or pics of real trains.
Looks good.

A liitle short, but it didn't wave around all over the place, and the sound wasn't covered by wind noise.
What's the train and where does it run?

:cool: Claude
My suggestion...get a tripod with a pan head (you can get them cheap from camera shops - even Aust Geographic sell them). Makes steadying the camera a breeze.
Yea ive been trying to convince my dad to let me get one but he dosen't wan't me to cause he feels its a waste if your only taking pictures.
First things first:

Its a BB18 1/4 1072:p

From memory they were built in Maryborough, QLD for Queensland Railways, it is named City of Lithgow

BP refers to the depot, in the case of the ZZR this is Bottom Points.

Regarding the video:

It was a good video, I would firstly suggest that next time you sit a bit further back so as to show off more of the background and foreground as she pass'.

I would also suggest a tripod, and tell your dad its not a waste because your not just taking pictures:p (As this movie proves)
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Really oh its good to know people isn't it :)
That was actually the first video EVER of anything i took so i wasn't really expecting much but the tips are really improving just look at my other olne on you tube.