Murchison 2 not showing -Gradients-Signals etc in built in sessions? Is this normal?


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As the title says I got this add-on a few days ago and it comes with a bunch of built-in routes/sessions. It just that other routes with other add-ons show the 'gradients etc' in the session operating screen in the upper right-hand box, while this Murchison-2 is not.

Am I missing something or do I just have to live with it?

I still really like this add-on one of their best I think
The feature that shows the gradient, signal ahead and other data is a built in (built in to Trainz) rule that can be added to a session. It is called, from memory, "Display HUD" or something very similar. Not sure if you can modify the Murchison 2 sessions to add a rule though.
Try this: To Have the HUD display
Select the particular Route,
Click on Edit Session,
then in the route view page that opens up
go to the drop down menu, top LH side, and
click on the edit session option, then click the add button.
Scroll down the dropdown menu till you see "display custom hud"
Click on it, then click on the tick.

The HUD will be at the top right of the screen when you go into driver. It tells you the distance to the next speed limit, what the next speed limit is, the distance to the next signal and the condition of the signal i.e. red, green or yellow, the gradient. Hope this helps. Cheers
Good idea but the route will not allow an 'Edit' there might be some other way I just do not know how to go about getting it done.

Thanks for your suggestion.