Muppet overboard


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Hi all. Just received Trainz 2006 as a gift and it's fantastic. Congrats to all involved and for the community that supports it.

I am though totally baffled by how to use the content tool. I might have downloaded some stuff but I'm not sure. I have purchased routes and engines but what I don't get at all is how to get new routes or locos in the sim. Is there an newby guide somewhere so I can install new items? Can I do it manually ? Thanks, Bob
Thanks Harry. Can't wait to get up to speed. I just installed SP1 - and it went fine - but now all I get is blue sky for most of the US and Canadian routes. Arg. I'll try to figure out that before I worry installing new routes. Bob
did you install SP1 to a clean, unused TRS install? In other words, did you run TRS before installing SP1?

If you did, you got away with it lightly. If it's only the sky that's duff, I wouldn't worry about it.


But, if you don't have any drivers on your consists then you have a bad installation of SP1 and you'll have to do it over. Very important that after you uninstall TRS2006 that you completely remove the TRS2006 folder and all of its contents. You can check it in Explorer at ..\Program Files\Auran.

That's how it appears with most routes so I'll uninstall; then install and before doing anything else add SP1 . And when properly done all the original stuff works well again ?? Thanks, Bob