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Is there currently (TANE) a method through which two authors can work on the same route simultaneously? Ping-ponging a route file back and forth would only allow the current file-holder to work on the route, and the file would have to be sent any time someone else wanted to do some work.

I note there is the ability to merge routes. Is this function capable of merging two separate versions of the same route and combining (non-conflicting) changes, similar to git or CVS? Alternatively, is it possible to split up a route into two sub-routes that can later be re-merged easily?
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The first part is not part of T:ANE but the next (in development) version (Trainz 'NEXT') appears to have that ability according to what N3V have said so far - be aware though that as it stands N3V may charge a monthly fee for this.

Unfortunately, the second isn't possible either at the moment but may be in the future.

Thanks - I had seen the mention of the feature being planned for the "next" version, but wasn't sure if that was some better implementation within Trainz of something that was already possible, or if it was completely new.

I guess I'll have to wait and see what turns up in the future!
At the merge points you should place a editable sign, with the track spline point heights numerals, so that they are never altered

Or you could send the route as a CDP, so it could be ping ponged back and forth nightly

You could use Skype to see what the other person is doing, and to supervise them so that they don't fudge the whole works up
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