Multiplayer Surveyor Frequently Asked Questions

Was this really the most important feature to work on?
Like most things in a development cycle, it probably made its way to the top of the list.
It is important for a couple of reasons, as a point of difference in terms of marketing, having something that the others don't and also in solving a development issue with collaborative route building, by allowing all members of the team to work on the route at the same time. There are certainly other items on the feature wish list that need attention, but with the implementation of MPS that allows another to come to the head of the development queue. Maybe the next feature will be more to your liking, but this one will do me just nicely.
Was this really the most important feature to work on?
Check it out and let us know.

We believe that both the quality and quantity of routes built will improve, which is surely a good thing for everyone. The social interaction is another big plus and our core beta testing group continually tell us this is the feature they've been waiting for for years.
Is access once it goes live still going to be an additional monthly fee? I believe that was mentioned in an earlier thread.

I really do wish you well with this even though it isn't my cup of tea. Never really played well with others. It does looks well thought out.

Having it premium will in the long way kill Trainz as a franchise. Sad to see if this ends up like Train Simulator, were you can’t get one loco to work without buying each component for it.
So how exactly do you access it? The readme says "Update to the latest Trainz Plus build using “Trainz Plus” patch stream." and then says platinum will have access to it too (When TRS19 SP2 and Platinum updates are released (Soon(TM)) these will also be Trainzbuild 4.7 (so routes and sessions will become compatible between Trainz Plus and non-Trainz Plus users at that time)), I have TRS19 Platinum, I do not see anything for MPS and I am fully updated, 110491
I've just started with MPS but I'm trying to understand one thing: how can I know which objects are usable for MPS and which not? The lists are exactly the same as per non MPS but of course a lot of items don't work and trying all them is just time consuming. Is there a way to slim the list?
Hi everybody.
just a question: is MS available with TRS2019 too or is it just a 22 feature? I ask it as I was trying to open my MS tryout with TRS2019 and got this:

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It's a Trainz Plus feature.
Live server currently supported Build Numbers: 116492,116493,116497
It works with Trainz Plus and will work with TRS22 once that is officially released. Not with 2019.
Just a quick observation following the recent stress tests of Multiplayer Surveyor this week.
Each time we managed to successfully crash the server's game instance - mostly via high-speed collisions/ derailments on purpose - (crash to desktop in my case several times) a lot of orphaned, 'new' assets appeared in my Open For Edit folder.
(You can safely delete these, as you cannot use them to 'recover' the edits when the remote server session is restored).
So, check for any 'Open for Edit' items in your local Trainz 'editing' folder following any such crash.
Biggest issue for MPS in my opinion is rogue participants sabotaging the route by creating spurious terrain features and destroying existing ones - something that can be controlled by the MPS route owners in the future.
The number of concurrent users doesn't seem to be much of an issue or concern even with the relatively modest server configuration used for these stress tests. The numbers can be easily scaled by boosting server capacity, load balancing and bandwidth, it would seem.
I was very impressed by the reasonably low latency and high responsiveness of the system whilst in route-edit mode, even from NZ, which is many hops away from the USA-based server.
Indeed, I was able to retain all my ultra-quality visual appearance, draw distance, and Trainz performance settings as I use for my local desktop experience here during these MPS sessions. Almost indistinguishable in terms of speed, lag, responsiveness and smoothness from the local desktop experience. Impressive! A tad more scenery item (random rocks, etc.) 'pop-ups' occasionally, as you zoom around the landscape, which is explicable perhaps more in terms with the dictated visual distance settings applied server-side.
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Me and a couple of other friends had start building a new multiplayers route. As we are not always able to be online the same time so the stardard chat is not something usable, is there a way to let a message to your buds say to let them know what was done and what's to do so when they will come online they'll be able to read it?
Sorry for the delay in answer but I was away in these days. I thank you Lewiscc65 for your kind suggestion, problem is my buds don't speak English at all and it could be difficult for them to use discord. Anyway I found the solution with the private chat existing using the icon on the buddy list inside the MPS
Thanks anyway.