Multiplayer Invisible Cars/Trains


Multiplayer Guru
Ive all ready submitted a help ticket about this issue, but maybe some one else might have an idea of whats going on here.

This is some thing I have noticed on most every version of Trainz12. Some times a player may join a session, and not see cars on a track, even if other players can see the cars. And even if the player can see the cars in their own session or in surveyor. I have noticed happening on both XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Machines. It effects different players differently.

As a test of this I went into a MP route and session that I made. I hosted the session on the same computer the built both the route and session. A second computer in the same room was able to join the session and see all trains. Then I started hosting a session on the second computer and joined it from the first computer. I was able to see most of the trains, but several where invisible to me.

I have had reports from other players in which player A, B and C can all see one string of cars, but player D cant see one.

Looking at the cars, I see no errors on ether computer. No warnings. No missing discrepancies. Not modified or any thing. Data Base repairs dont seam to do the trick. The only thing that seams to work is to remove the content from the session and make a new version of the session.
Ive found that if I, as the host on the host computer, couple up the the cars then uncouple them they will show up.

But if its on the host end, how do I fix this?