Moving Trainz from one HDD to another??


Somewhere in the layout..
I recently bought a new labtop with good specs, except that the HDD was to small and I have to buy a larger one. So I will be moving Trainz 12 from my D HDD to C. I am using SDD on my :C drive and my new one
will also be a SDD

I have read some articles about this some time ago but I can't remember what's the best way to get it working. The POINT is to avoid installation of all my content and other content as well.
So I am asking for a staight tutorial how to move Trainz from my :D HDD to my (new) :C drive...

any help appreciated:)

Hi Jan,

As Harold says it's pretty easy.

Just copy the new installation on to your new hard drive. There's no need to reinstall.

Ensure that the short-cut is set to run as Administrator.

You will need to go into Windows Explorer and associate CDP and CDP2 files with Content Manager otherwise they won't be opened automatically.

Other than that little hiccup, you should be fine.