Moving assets from one layer to another can already be done in TANE SP2. How?

I've just tried to move splines between different route layers in Edit Default Session. Again, no go.

I'm going to create a new small route and session to ensure that my main route has not been corrupted somehow.
Highlight your route and click on view sessions bottom right. One of those sessions will most likely have saved assets in them.
I noticed in order to save after doing what I though i was doing with moving layers, I best could do a change to the ground, by dropping a gridpoint a little, undo it, then save and I would get the choice box of saving route and session...
If I did not do that, I got nothing changed so no need to save anything message when working in the route only part...
Something not working like thinking it would but as long as I can make it work like I need, I can live for it for the moment. :)

Linda. I found that if say I move an object from the route layer to another layer, unless I changed the bound layer to the new one, the object was still associated to the route layer. With my simple mind I have therefore always followed this routine although I have never really investigated what a bound layer is.
A bound layer allows an object to be part of one layer but still have the properties of another layer, its "bound layer".

For example ..

A house can be placed in Layer B (its main layer) but bound to Layer C. If Layer C is locked (but Layer B is not) the house will be "locked" and cannot be deleted or moved. If Layer C is made invisible (but Layer B is still visible) the house will be invisible.

Its not a feature that I have ever used but I can see that it would have some applications during the route construction process.

Thanks for trying. The route does not know of any sessions as dependencies. The sessions are aware of the route and add rules, scripts etc. but no track. We have to remember all the time that the route and sessions were created in TRS2004 and that version was not very sophisticated. We didn't even have Content Manager to help.