Mountain railroading at its best - The Swiss Alps!

Thanks for that link to the vid, I'll need to watch it in two takes to get it all in:D

I did as well. I love the reflection map on those passenger cars and the constant stream of trains as though it's a giant model railroad. :D

A lot of nice viewpoints indeed.
By the way, the Gotthard base tunnel is expected to open in 2016, that means a lot of the traffic seen here on the mountain line will be routed through the new base tunnel instead.

Regarding scenery the Gotthard wouldn't be my first choice. The Lötschberg line is much more scenic in my opinion, the southern approach especially.
Check the 1st part of this video by the same author:
However traffic isn't as heavy as it was until the opening of the new Lötschberg base tunnel some years ago... similar story here.

Or if you are into narrow gauge I would recommend the Albula and Bernina line:
Same author again ;)
Thank you very much for the info about the line here, Felix. I'll check out the links you posted.

This is pretty country though and in some ways looks a bit like the western part of my state, except, we don't have mountains as tall and run only a few diesel-hauled freight trains on very decrepit track. :)

I wondered the same too about the traffic once the new tunnel opens. It's a good thing for the customers and passengers, but sad for the rail fans. :)

Great stuff!

Thanks for posting these excellent videos. They are a great inspiration to anyone who raises mountains from Surveyor baseboards.

I can already see several appropriate assets just waiting to be laid. It's great to know that much of what can be seen in the real world is already available in Trainz by way of the many objects, splines and other Surveyor stuff made by the bunch of great creators we have amongst us.

In looking at some of those YouTube shots I was instantly recalling appropriate viaducts, track, rolling stock, buildings, foliage, and trackside objects (and rubbish) that could be deployed to replicate some of those beautiful scenes.

I must pull up a few more mountains!

Now where's that launcher screen ...