Montreal to east route team


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Hey everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone would be interested in teaming up to finish this route I've been working on for years... Not sure how it would work but it would definitely speed things up and make it better... I basically suck at scenery and ground textures but good at laying track, rail yard etc... Maybe someone who's good at doing roads and buildings or terrain and textures and even programming triggers or those details would be interested. We would have to each take a few weeks to work and then pass it mon to the next one so we don't add stuff while someone else is working on it since we can't merge two projects... Just a thought... Let me know.

I've got track laid from central station to just east of the big rail yard before st Hubert. A lot of work has gone into the central station area a few years ago but I'm sure it can be enhanced. Once done we could finally enjoy riding our via trains east and ultimately to New Brunswick.. Even Nova Scotia...

ill lll send some pics of what I have along if there are any interested folks. I'm running on trs 2010.
This sounds like a great route. You might want to PM rick77. (I think that's his username). He lives up in Nova Scotia near Halifax, I think. I'm not sure if he has TS2010 or TS12 from memory.

Unfortunately though I live a quite a bit south from you, I don't have the time to help and also I have TS12 which will be an issue for you with the route install as TS12 handles routes differently than TS2010.