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KUID:2:60002:1567:1 Is a loco that shows no errors whatsoever and has all the enginespecs, boggies, interior, etc. You set it in a route and try to operate. It does not move because the controls in DCC are not there. Go inside and everything is gray; Move the camera up or down forward or back, and nothing! : Just gray. First time I see this in over 10 years. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? This loco was downloaded a few days ago.:(
Is the locomotive 'BM GP7 1567'?

I'll take a look at it and see if I can replicate the issues you're facing.

It seems to be quite a mystery indeed.

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Yes: There are two same locos, one blue other red. Both have the same config files and both do the same thing.
The locomotive is missing the attachment point a.cabfront. You could add one using PEV's AttachmentMaker at X=0.0 Y=-3.72 Z=3.03, no rotation required.

The shadow mesh has all attachment points of a locomotive (which it shouldn't). I have changed all these names (using a hex editor) to start with x. instead a., to avoid any conflicts.