Missing KUIDs

Thanks, I looked at it and it said :

" Go to the kuid table in the config file for each engine and remove those, they should not be needed and are not available"

Sorry but I'm new to TRS and I don't know where to find this table ? can you tell me ?

I assume you have TRS2006? If so

1. start 'Content Manager Plus' (Manage Content on the TRS2006 start up screen)

2. Find the item reporting the errors in the list of Installed Content.

3. Right Click and select Edit>Edit In Explorer

4. From the displayed folder Open (using Notepad) the config.txt file.

5. look for the recalcitrant items in the entries following the 'kuid-table' label and remove them.

6. Save out, and close the explorer folder.

7. Right click again on the item just updated and select Edit>Commit

8. Thats It !