Missing Kuids


So i have a missing kuid from some locomotives i downloaded today, they are Sporbust kuids and i cant find them anywhere sine he shut down his site. So i was wondering if anybody could help me please, these are the kuids:

Unknown Location: <kuid2:200202:54012:1>
Unknown Location: <kuid2:200202:54537:1>
Hmmm, first asset shows up as the Nathan K3LAR12 Horn Sound and second is the Nathan K5HL Horn Sound - regrettably, via the trainzkuidindex, it reports both as 'dead link' - truthfully, I honestly don't know where you could begin to start looking, but at least you've got names for these assets now - so that MIGHT (emphasis on might) be a bit more helpful (as some websites for 3rd party content don't use KUID ID's but use the 'asset name' - hope this helps
N8phu has been updating SPorbust's locos. Perhaps these units are on the list for updating at some point.

All is not lost though. Now that you know the kind of horn, you can always find a replacement either on the DLS, or on the web, and replace the KUID for the hornsound in the config.txt files. I've done this for a few assets that were missing horn/bells, and to replace ones I didn't like because they were weird sounding or just plain awful.

Go to CMP
Open the loco you wish to have the horn from by R.Klick >>edit>>edit in explorer >> L.klick conf.file
Do the same with your receiving loco .

Copy and paste the kuid.no from the one to the other
Don't forget the kuid.no all down the stringtable also to copy and paste