Missing KUID's for gp9rm


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Hi All,
I came across an interesting website devoted to searching KUID's that are missing. I downloaded three GP9rm's from TPR today, each has five missing KUID's. It's a very difficult to use site, and I don't think I'm searching kuid's correctly, so here is the list for one:


There are around five missing each. I am on Trainz for a mac, which means the content manager is different and a little strange.

The first 4 items are by 'cnr'

GP9 Bogey Wheels,<kuid2:95761:50200:1> CNR
GP9 Front Bogey,<kuid2:95761:50201:1>
GP9 Rear Bogey,<kuid2:95761:50202:1>

The last is by 'wulf_9'

US Locomotive sound effects library v1.00,<kuid2:104722:2502000:1> wulf_9

It is very likely they are on the TPR site.