Missing dependencies on Midwest Grain


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I've downloaded your Midwest Grain Route including the dependencies, but I'm still missing the following ones:


According to trainzkuidindex.com atleast some if not all missing kuids were in a dependency package, but before your website update. I'll be very thankful if you were so kind and check if you indeed missed some dependencies for this route. Thanks in advance!
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Did you purchase the route, or just download it with the dependency pack?

I ask because there are additional dependencies which are specific to the payware version that are not available to download.
I downloaded and installed the freeware version 3.0 and the "Midwest Grain Dependencies- ALL VERSIONS" freeware download. Hmm, I was assuming the missing assets were also free and that there are maybe sessions with the payware content. If so, I will take a look at the route and see if anything important is missing. Thanks!