Midwest Grain 3.0 R1 Missing dependancies

I'm not sure if this really counts as missing dependencies, but I have a lot of splines that show up as missing splines and act like track when I try to use the route even though content manager shows that I have no missing dependencies and no faulty splines, and this happens in both TS12 and TANE.



And this is just some of many.
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Right click on the route in Content Manager:
Choose download.

Any items needing download will show up in the download queue in TS12.

Bridge parts:

RUS Bridge Kit: Metal prolet 55m H1 bez puti --- <kuid:211147:24012> ---- built-in T:ANE (not sure about TS12).

RUS Bridge Kit: betonnyj prolet 12m ---- <kuid2:211147:24007:1>

Track: SAM Track - bridge L300, 4.8m check rail ---- <kuid:132952:100729>

These assets are available on the DLS if not built-in.

Splines will show up as track; It's the generic replacement for missing splines.

Since I've highly modified my MWG route, I cannot remember what the power lines are. They are made in pieces so check the author of the poles and then check and download all dependencies with those. The poles if I recall are by wearsprada.

Hope this helps.
Does anyone have the kuids for some of the cornfield textures and the bridge that goes over the bridge at Pioneer? Also, does anyone have the link to the new PVR information Page? Thanks, Joeygig
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