Missing ARN + Script Issues

So i've been running into some script errors with certain JR rolling stock assets in T:ANE SP1 HF4. The assets in question are:

60ft HC Boxcar CSX Ver1, <kuid2:206307:100431:1>
60ft HC Boxcar CSX Ver2, <kuid2:206307:100428:1>
CSX 60' ACF Boxcar, <kuid:178126:100964:1>

In this case, the ARN does not work and the skins don't change on any of these three assets, including some others (but i'm more concerned with getting these three working). What i find interesting is that the NS 60ft HC boxcars do not have this issue, nor do any of the other 60ft ACF boxcars that were packaged with the CSX one.

I've attempted to copy the scripts and some config lines from the boxcars that work to the ones that don't, but to no avail. For the first two HC boxcars, i get this:


And for the ACF boxcar i get this:


I tried using these boxcars with both the Jointed Rail FX Library v1.34d and 1.33a, but regardless of the FX library (or ARN library) version, i always get these script errors. I've had a few colleagues say that they have no problems in both T:ANE SP1 HF4 and SP2, and i tested them with TS12 SP1 and found them to be perfectly fine. Redownloading them also did not fix the problem. Is there a fix for these issues, or is there something wrong on my end?