Merging Maps


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What would be the best way to go about creating a large route?

would it be better to create small 1km routes and then merge them into the complete once finished or create a several hundred km sized terrain mapfile.
Oh ok I get the picture.

Just wanted to make sure that merging a whole bunch of maps wouldn't cause issues down the road.

Thanks dude!
From experience...and reading a crapload of posts here and there. I havn't got into many question asking as of yet...but I have found some layouts are a certain height and merging them into a route you created at 0 will cause sufficiant height differences...thus needing many a board to merge a gradiant that would look correct...instead of the rollercoaster effect.
The last month I have been working ona ficticious route of around 2000 miles of track, so far have 4 drivers running without assistance and also with 2 passengers passing through every 15 mins...and adding to it you need to be selective as to what will enhance your layout...or so to say make it a longer fun route to run.
All I can say is read up...experiment...hind sight is 20-20 and we are supposed to learn by mistakes.
Also on another note...if you have made a route, and have sessions running when merging two routes select yours first over one that say has no trains in it...or yours will be merged to a layout that has no trains in it...thus youll need to add trains or rolling stock back in.
At least that's what I have had happen...

running TS06 here...

be sure to back up!!!!! before making major changes...I have lost weeks/hours of often
To back up from TRS06, right-click the asset in CMP and select "Save to cdp" from the pop-up menu.

With a 'big' route it is often easier to work on it in 'small' sections. I would suggest though creating the 'big' route first and create the 'small' sections by deleting unwanted boards out of the 'master'. That way when you re-merge, everything is going to fit as it should...

Andy :)
I'd suggest set up terrain over a large area to insure the edges of baseboards match. Then add culture (things that are attached to terrain) one section at a time.
Generally speaking the larger a route is in Mb the longer it takes to load, either in surveyor or driver.So you have to remember that it"ll get irritating if you are in driver and you switch to another train then have to wait ages while the scenery and train load up.:(