merged route module compatibility issues.

Hi, I'm trying my hand at merging a module into a route that I have built from scratch, have hit a small snag. I've merged my own route with a downloaded module, and copy /pasted a yard from the module into the desired space on my layout. Having difficulty connecting the two different track types, [TANE 1 Track wood]and [OriginalDGreyLconcreteClear]. I've tried to use the two tracks together on a fresh baseboard, also with the same issue.
the two tracks snap together nicely, but if I try to add a junction further up the concrete track, using the same kuid, it flashes red. I can lay a junction from scratch using [OriginalDGreyLconcreteClear], but if I attach [TANE 1 Track wood] to any part of the concrete track, the junction flashes red. Is there a work-around for this issue please?

This sounds like you are mixing the older non-Pro-track with the TANE Pro-track. When you do that, you'll get the red junctions.

To confirm this is the problem, make a copy of your route as is and update your track to the Pro-track and try again. If you prefer, you can do the opposite and have the same result.