map1.tga and map2.tga

I was trying to put some patches on a BN SD60M by jointedrail. I opened the files in GIMP and edited them. I exported the files. I pressed Submit Edits. Since this was a duplicated locomotive, I changed the name to "MT SD60M" for "Midwest Transfer", a route of mine. When I looked in rail yard for MT SD60M, it was there, except with an unchanged skin. THe files were named map1.tga and map2.tga. A little help? I am really annoyed as I wasted 20 minutes reskinning it, and it didn't work.
Make sure you committed the asset in Content Manager.

It's probably advisable to make a clone of the asset and modify the clone instead of the original.

Just a thought, but did The Gimp actually export to the same folder that you opened the images from, don't know about Macs but that can happen in Windows if you don't specify the folder with some apps and it goes to the last used or wherever the default folder is.